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The Students
And the Winners to the 2011 Paradiddle Contest are...

Beginning Group
1st Nick Ahrens 120bpms
2nd Desiree Garcia 105bpms
3rd Marc Malecki 100 bpms (tie breaker 105bpms)

Intermediate Group
1st Jon Mickel 160bpms
2nd Krista Corzine 155bpms
3rd Timothy Lee 140bpms (tie breaker 160bpms)

Advanced Group
1st Mariles Hood 210 bpms
2nd Riley Sadlon 185bpms
3rd Chris Gonia 175bpms

Most Improved Students!
Brooklyn Babinczak
John Olivarez
Ben Alessio

Great Job to All Students!  Keep practicing and get ready for the next speed contest!

Duck-a-Palooza 2008
sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Elgin & Heather's Studio of Drum and Percussion
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